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With Malkani Hair Restoration Institute as the leading hair transplant clinic in London, no person should ever feel bad about hair. The clinic is based in Harley Street and is the best place to get FUT and FUE hair transplant, along with beard transplant and non-surgical hair loss treatments. With the latest developments in male and female hair loss treatments now available, everyone can feel great about their hair.

5 benefits of going through hair transplant surgery

Hair loss is a common condition, which many people face. In more severe cases, it leads to significant loss of a large part of the hair on one’s head and baldness. Thankfully, many new developments have been made towards hair transplant, which has proven an effective solution to hair loss.



Hair transplant has to do with hair follicles being implanted in the hair loss area from a donor area. The hair is usually taken from the patient. A doctor will extract hair follicles from the scalp of the patient and then transplant them (often times one-by-one) in the affected area. The process holds many benefits, such as:



  • Better looks – without a doubt, the primary reason why people consider hair transplant is they feel disappointed with how they look. Surely not everyone out there is a fan of bald heads, especially if they had lush hair before that. The hair transplant provides an opportunity for men to preserve the look they love. Filling the bald patches with hair is now possible thanks to this procedure, and it is something that you can consider if you have a significant hair loss issue. You will surely feel more confident and attractive seeing not bald areas of your scalp.


  • Long lasting solution – there are many topical treatments and even holistic remedies to hair loss and baldness. However, nothing beats the permanence and long-lasting outcome of hair transplant. This is the most permanent solution that you can currently take advantage of. It is a reliable method for getting hair where it is needed, which comes with guaranteed results.


  • Deals with the main problem – men hair loss is not something that can be treated, largely because it is a genetically inherited condition. However, as far as resolving the issue is concerned, hair transplant sure is an excellent method. When the doctor is done with the procedure, you no longer need to trouble yourself with thinning hairline. The surgery tackles the issue directly, as it eliminates bald spots and ensures that your hair remains healthy in place. According to statistics, hair transplant boasts a very high success rate for people who undergo the procedure.
  • Low need for follow-up – another great benefit of hair transplant is there is no need for serious maintenance of the treated area. This has a lot to do with the fact that transplanted hair is essentially normal hair, so it doesn’t require any special solutions. Because it is a one-time process, you can bet you will find it highly-convenient.
  • Cost-efficiency – while you may not think of the hair transplant procedure as cheap, you need to consider the fact that it is a one-time thing. This means it comes with no additional costs in the form of visits and follow-up procedures. You will really appreciate this in the long run.

Undoubtedly, there are many benefits to hair transplant that you need to consider if you are to undergo such a procedure.



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